House Edge

Casino: profitable business

Casino is perceived by many to either be a place for fun or Disneyland for adults. Whatever the case you should consider them as business entities. 'BIG BUSINESS' was the description used by Bob Stupak one time Owner of Vegas World Casino on his global report. He also said that the casinos are meant to squeeze as much money as they can from their clients with a focus of ensuring you go home happy.

You will be wrong to think that casinos cheat to squeeze money from you. This is because in every casino there is a house edge or what is known as casino advantage. This means that in all the casino games that the casino must or always gains from each card option you choose to play. Blackjack and Video Poker are exception to this.

Each bet made holds a 50-50 winning chance, with a payout that equals the amount placed on the bet which is paid under the TRUE ODDS option. The casino advantage of 2.5% makes the difference between true odds and the odds that you will receive a payout from the casino if you win.

If you examine House Edge charts you will discover that Casino Advantage remains the same on many games, this will however not apply to Blackjack and Video Poker games. The two games can give great payout depending on your level f expertise and knowledge of the rules and payback table.

House Edge for different casino games

The house advantage on roulette games is 5.26% on the American version. The odds of winning are slim with a payout of 35 times the amount of your bet. The formula used to calculate the HouseEdge shows that you may place bets on every number on the wheel and still loose.

There is no amount of influence that can change the house percentages of games like Roulette, Craps, Big six etc. The percentage will always remain the same since the numbers will always be 38 just like the way a dice will always have 12 digits with whatever number of spins.

The Blackjack game does not have a fixed percentage of the house advantage, every card you play changes the composition of the remaining cards. The advantage can shift from house to player or vice versa with every card used; this also depends on the levels of expertise used. Video Poker will also depend on your talents and game plan used. Some games have good payout tables that attract great payouts.

The above illustration is a clear indication that casino does not get money from people through nasty practices.

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