American Roulette

Roulette is one of the favorite casino games today. The game has two versions, namely, American and European Roulettes. Some concepts about this game show that an ancient version was developed by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century which became common in France by the 18th century. Two French gamblers introduced the singe 0 version. These are the only versions till date. The European version has a 36 slot with a single 0 slot and the American version has 38 slots with two slots having '0' and '00'.

How play American roulette

On the American roulette wheel there are 36 pocket numbers coloured in red and black and green for the 0 and 00 pockets numbers. There are only two betting options which are: placing of bets inside and placing of bets outside. These two types of betting options are similar to the ones used in the European version.

There are no specific strategies used in playing the American roulette; this means that there is no specific strategy that can guarantee any win. Even if you spread your bets across the table it may not give you the expected outcome. D'Alembert betting system is one of the strategies use. Labouchere betting system and Martingale strategy are other strategies that can be used in American Roulette.

Understanding the odds and payout of the game is critical in roulette and any game that relies on luck. With 38 slots on the American roulette any bet placed on one slot has a winning probability of 1/38 and this is the house advantage of 5.26%. This house advantage is considered by many to be very high and this is the reasons why many players prefer the European version. As a player you should always consider this when you want to increase your chances of winning.

The other combinations that you can use are: color bets, number bets, number ranges of one to eighteen, nineteen to thirty six and then even bets or odd bets which are numbers from one to twelve, thirteen to twenty four and twenty five to thirty. You can also use 2 number betting options. There are also 3 number betting options. 4 number betting options can also be used. Six number betting styles is another alternative.

American roulette is available online for those seeking roulette adventures. Online gambling has become very common. The electronic versions are not only for pleasure; you can participate on real betting games which are also available online. The online version offers both the American and European roulette making it possible for you to play roulette from whatever location and at your convenience.

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